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Come paint your own piece of pottery from our selection of pre-fired pieces. We provide all the paint colors (glazes) you need to finish your piece and we'll provide a wonderful space for you to relax and finish your piece. When you're all done, we'll fire it for you in our kiln to pick up a week later. 

Our pieces range in cost from $15-$55 and glaze and firing are included in the cost.  Call ahead if you have more than four people and you'd like to reserve space for your group.


We currently have open enrollment for membership at Wet Clay Cafe and we always reserve wheels and hand building stations for our members. Membership cost is $280 per month and includes, unlimited bookable access to our 22 wheels, 50 hand building stations,and tools to create your work.  We include free access to join our six week wheel 101 class with our premium membership. We hold classes in the studio on a regular basis to help artists at any level and we look forward to building our community with you.  Membership and class size is limited.

  • Membership

    Every month
    This membership includes access to the studio between 9am and 6pm
    • Unlimited Studio Access
    • Use of our Tools, Slab Roller and Extruder
    • Use of our Molds
    • Shelf Space
  • Best Value

    Premium Membership

    Every month
    • Unlimited Free 6 Week Classes
    • Unlimited Booking of Wheel Space
    • 20% Discount on Workshops
    • 20% Discount on all Cafe Items
    • Use of our Tools
    • 25 Pounds of Clay
    • Glazes & Underglazes
    • Kiln Firings
    • Pause Membership for up to One Month
  • Premium Membership - 6 Month Commitment

    Every 6 months
    Valid for 36 months
    • Unlimited Free 6 Week Classes
    • 20% Discount on Workshops
    • 20% Discount on Cafe Offerings
    • 25 Pounds of Clay Per Month
    • Firing in our Kilns
    • Use of our tools
    • Connection with our community
    • Expert advice from our instructors
    • Unlimited bookings of our wheels
    • Glazes and underglazes
    • One guest pass every month for one hour
We host events, birthday parties and private gatherings

We love building community.  Please feel free to email us to schedule private groups or events.  Whether it's a birthday party, a team building event or just a gathering of friends, we want to make your event special.  Send us an email at 


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1109 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Welcome to Our Studio! 

We look forward to connecting.

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